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Drive-Thru and Live Streaming Event

Saturday, September 26, 2020

11AM - 4PM

Festival Address: Phillis Wheatley Center

40 John McCarroll Way, Greenville, SC 29607



The Turkish Food Festival returns to Greenville! On September 26th, not only will we be serving food from the Phillis Wheatley Center, we will also be hosting a virtual live stream event full of music, culture, and art to highlight the amazing culture of Turkey!
Each year we are continuously dedicated to growing and improving our Turkish Food Festival. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have decided it is safest for everyone involved to do a Drive-Thru festival this year. We will be providing the same delicious food, from Gyros and Kofte to Dolma, Sarma and Baklava!

We will have all of our delicious menu options below, available for pre-order and curbside pick-up through the Drive-Thru line. In addition, we want to still be able to celebrate Turkish culture so we are adding a virtual element. We are working with the Turkish community to provide online streaming meal-time entertainment throughout the day, so please keep an eye on this space for the full schedule for the virtual event!



· GYRO: Mix of Beef and Lamb, also known as Doner in Turkey. This classic Mediterranean dish of thinly sliced beef and lamb is a timeless favorite! Served with Rice, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and Tzatziki Sauce

· Grilled Chicken - Chicken cooked over an open flame, grilled to perfection and seasoned the Turkish way! Served with Rice, Lettuce, Tomato and Onion

· Kofte - A Traditional Turkish meatball dish, made with a unique blend of spices. Served with Rice and onions, peppers, tomatoes


· Dolma: Sweet Peppers stuffed with rice, vegetables and spices. A Vegetarian Dish

· Sarma: Stuffed grape leaves. Must be tried to be believed! Rice, onions and varied seasonings rolled tightly in grape leaves. A Vegetarian dish

· Eggplant Salad: Roasted Red Peppers and Roasted Eggplant. Using the eggplant in a way that will make you rethink growing or buying one next time you see it.

· Chickpea Salad: A favorite side in Turkey, this includes chickpeas and vegetables mixed with onion, lemon, parsley. A hearty, vegetarian dish.


· Baklava: Classic Mediterranean dessert with pistachios or walnuts, crispy, flaky dough, and a simple sugar syrup.

· Pumpkin Baklava: A Traditional Baklava with an American twist for the Fall. This dessert includes a layer of tasty pumpkin with Walnuts or Pistachios

· Bisküvili: This is also known as cookie cake. A different kind of dessert made with tea biscuits, chocolate pudding and typically rolled into a log and sliced.

· Revani Cake: A scratch-made cake made with semolina flour and garnished with coconut


· Coke,Diet Coke, Sprite, Water, Fanta


· Turkish Tea $2: Made the traditional double pot way with loose tea leaves

· Turkish Coffee served with Turkish Delight $3: Turkish coffee is a style of coffee prepared using very finely ground coffee beans without filtering. Sugar and Coffee is boiled together and then poured into a small cup. We add a small piece of Turkish Delight as a compliment